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Recommendations for newbies?

Hello everyone!

I just started listening to the BF audios in general and I'm really enjoying Eight and McGann's awesome voice. Anyone care to share their recs for like, their favorite/top 5 or so Eight audios? I can't afford to get them all, so I'm not concerned about spoilers or listening to everything in sequence, just that I get good stories. I'm also open to all companions, though it'd be great to get at least one non-Charley rec since she's all I've heard so far.

So far I've listened to Storm Warning and Stones of Venice, and I'm currently halfway through Zagreus, which I'm enjoying, but I'm considering stopping it and listening to Neverland before continuing since it seems like that might help with comprehension a bit. (I also might get Scherzo next, since it seems they're sort of a trilogy) So I'd love to hear recs beyond those.


Ahahahah yes, Zagreus is pretty cracky as it is, but it makes zero sense without Neverland. So I'd definitely recommend Neverland and Scherzo (if nothing else, they're both fabulous audios), and also The Chimes of Midnight (seriously, if nothing else, get that one), Seasons of Fear, or maybe Time of the Daleks.

Even if you don't care about listening to the monster-of-the-week audios in order, or at all, I do recommend treating Storm Warning-[Chimes of Midnight/Seasons of Fear/Time of the Daleks: pick one of the above, preferably Chimes]-Neverland-Zagreus-Scherzo as an arc and listening in order.
...I totally stopped and went back and did Neverland first, which was fantastic. And I'm glad, because Romana & Rassilon just showed up and I would have been even more confused.

Thanks for the recs! Chimes seems to be very popular, so I think I'm definitely putting that one on the list. So, only mildly out of order...
My favorites are Storm Warning, Living Legend, The Chimes at Midnight, Seasons of Fear, and the Neverland/Zagreus/Scherzo arc for Charley. I haven't listened to a whole lot without her but The Company of Friends is a lot of fun. Four companions for the price of one! :-) (And one of them is Benny Summerfield, which never hurts. *g*)

The one Eight/Charley audio I would recommend *never* listening to is "Minuet in Hell." Even the presence of the Brigadier couldn't save it. :-(

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I think "Minuet" was the first (possibly second) audio I ever got. Seconded. Alas :(
Thanks for the recs! I actually haven't heard any Benny yet so The Company of Friends might be a good one to add to the list.

I'm also very amused at all the anti-recs for Minuet. I'll be sure to avoid that one.
Thanks for the recs! I'm looking forward to checking some of these out.
"Memory Lane" is my favourite 8/Charley/Crizz audio. The trio arrive in a never-ending suburban street with identical houses... and a little boy's Lego starship just might be modelled on real life.

"Horror of Glam Rock" is my favourite 8/Lucie story. It's light, fluffy and contains Bernard Cribbins. Worth it for the glam rock cover of the Doctor Who theme tune alone.
Thanks very much for the recs!

Worth it for the glam rock cover of the Doctor Who theme tune alone.
Yeah, that sounds like something I definitely have to hear.
neverland and zagreus are my second most favourite, so i'm glad you listened to them. if i did the charley ones i'd probably end up repeating what everyone else has said (though i will add that the excellent good fun 'living legend' is free on the big finish podcast) and that my absolute favourite 'caerdroia' is only a little bit confusing if you haven't heard the rest of that (not very good) arc - but if you've listened to zagreus and scherzo you should actually do ok.

before i did that though i was going to do my top five eight and lucie ones since those seem to be under-represented, and lucie is awesome. (in order of publication)

it's not one of my top five, but 'human resources' is pretty good, and has a lot of important continuity stuff for lucie. also it's written by eddie robson, who has written a lot of good lucie. it's about... working in an office. and being special. v good.

* grand theft cosmos - eight and lucie have to steal some precious artwork. very funny, lots of fun.
*the beast of orlok - also a funny one. terrible beast rampaging - good excuse for some jokes and banter. also has professor sprout in it, which is a good thing.
* the cannabalists - lots of evil robots, one robot who wants to write poetry
* death in blackpool (though it's a bit of a continuity heavy one) - for this you'd have to have heard 'the zygon that fell to earth' (which itself a sort of sequel to 'horror of glam rock', but i don't like that one very much)
* relative dimensions - again kind of a sequel to 'earthly child' in that it brings back susan and her son, and kind of a sequel to the events from 'death in blackpool', but i would feel wrong not including it in my list as it's so brilliant and wonderful.

Thanks so much, for all the recs, and for providing details- that will definitely help me choose.

And thanks for including Lucie- I know everyone loves Charley (including me) but I'm looking forward to 'meeting' Lucie as well; she sounds like a lot of fun.
Definitely Chimes of Midnight.

Definitely NOT Minuet in Hell. I'm still trying to forget that one. Just terrible.

I am a HUGE fan of Eight/Lucie. Blood of the Daleks got me hooked and they are a lot of fun. Max Warp and Grand Theft Cosmos are favorites there. Human Resources, also.
Thanks very much for the recs!

If there's anything I've learned from this thread, it's that Chimes of Midnight is awesome and Minuet in hell is not... ;)
Probably my favourite is Seasons of Fear, which is especially good if you like historical ones - there are Romans, Edward the Confessor, and Regency swordfights.

There's also the Company of Friends, IDK if it comes as a series or all on one disc, but it's four short adventures with Eight and various companions. I fell absolutely in love with Benny Summerfield listening to hers, the one with Fitz is just aww, the Izzie one is kind of endearingly meta, and then there's Mary Shelley, with Percy Shelley being all crazy-poet-y, which is fun.
Thanks very much for the recs! Both sound great. I have yet to hear any Benny or Mary Shelley (who I hear comes back) so I am looking forward to that...
Caerdroia is probably my absolute favorite Eight audio ever. It is twisty and a little bit trippy but it is so very awesome. All I'm gonna say is that there are 3 Eight Doctors for most of the show and it's got basically the best dialog ever because of that.

I know lots of people have recommended Chimes of Midnight and I have a lot of love for that one. And I also agree with the Neverland/Zagreus/Schrezo arc. :)
Thanks for the recs! 3 Doctors sounds like a lot of fun, I'll put that one on my list for sure.

I love Eight and Lucie, and would heartily recommend any of the audios featuring them. My favourites are Max Warp, Grand Theft Cosmos (fast-paced and just brilliant!) and Death in Blackpool, which is a real tearjerker at the end. (It might help to have listened to Horror at Glam Rock and The Zygon Who Fell to Earth before that one, though). I also really enjoyed The Eight Truths / Worldwide Web.

My favourites of the Eight and Charley Audios are Chimes of Midnight, Time of the Daleks, Neverland and Memory Lane. And if you want something a bit different I highly recommend Other Lives in which the Doctor, Charley and C'Rizz get separated during the Great Exhibition.

Oh - and The Natural History of Fear is really good, but I wouldn't recommend listening to that until you've heard a few of the others.

That's way more than five - sorry!
I absolutely love Caerdroia! I get the impression that it was smack dab in the middle of the convergence arc, which I have never bothered to actually follow, but it's written by Lloyd Rose, who has also written my two favorite EDAs and is brilliant. If features the Doctor getting split into three personalities, who are subsequently dubbed Doctor, Eeyore, and Tigger by his companions, and it is awesome! ^^
Thank you, that sound awesome and I will definitely add it to my queue!