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Jan. 20th, 2015



"Idle Moment" Eighth Doctor x Charley (rated PG)

Title: Idle Moment
Author: Paynesgrey
Characters: Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard, mention of C'rizz, slight Eighth x Charley
Rating: PG
Word Count: 479
Spoilers: after "Zagreus" in the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio dramas
Warnings: none really
Notes: Written for ladysugarquill for fandom-stocking on Dreamwidth.

Links: AO3 | FFnet

Summary: In a rare moment of respite, the Doctor reflects on his feelings for Charley.

Jul. 27th, 2013


8th Doctor/Charley/Lucie in fan fiction---


Laying dying, possibly for the last time, the Doctor, still trapped in his very old Fourth Doctor Leisure Hive Recreation Generator body, recalls when as the Tenth Doctor, he revisited everyone of his former companions all over time and space. Here, he visits Reinette, Jackson Lake, Adelaide Brooke, Christina DeSouza, Tim Lattimer (who has sex with a surprise cameo Doctor), Heather and Wolfgang, Magenta, Charley, Lucie, Susan, and Izzy.

This fic is rated R to X but does not contain x rated scenes with the 8th, Izzy, or Lucie. I think this board might enjoy those scenes.

Jan. 6th, 2013

Horizons →


Unwhosual - a prompt fic comm

FAQ | Rules | Round One | Fills

unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.

Dec. 3rd, 2011



Doctor/Charley comm

I have created a Doctor/Charley community!

Oct. 19th, 2011

Eight Tardis


Recommendations for newbies?

Hello everyone!

I just started listening to the BF audios in general and I'm really enjoying Eight and McGann's awesome voice. Anyone care to share their recs for like, their favorite/top 5 or so Eight audios? I can't afford to get them all, so I'm not concerned about spoilers or listening to everything in sequence, just that I get good stories. I'm also open to all companions, though it'd be great to get at least one non-Charley rec since she's all I've heard so far.

So far I've listened to Storm Warning and Stones of Venice, and I'm currently halfway through Zagreus, which I'm enjoying, but I'm considering stopping it and listening to Neverland before continuing since it seems like that might help with comprehension a bit. (I also might get Scherzo next, since it seems they're sort of a trilogy) So I'd love to hear recs beyond those.

Jun. 28th, 2009

Me \\ CS Wolfe


Big Finish Audio Books: For Sale!

Hey guys, I'm selling off quite a few of my BFAAs featuring the Eighth Doctor and thought I'd give everyone here a heads up incase anyone is interested. They're all in "as new" condition and can be found [ here on my livejournal ] along with further details.

CS WhiteWolf


Apr. 22nd, 2009

[firefly] river ; pitter-patter of tiny


Fanmix: Eight/Charley - the butterfly effect

Hullo all! My first proper post here, but I've been lurking for aaaaages.

But I don't come empty-handed - in fact, I come with an Eight/Charley fanmix! A mix that I've been working on forever, mostly because I could just not find decent songs for The Chimes of Midnight & The Last. The agony, I tell you!

But enough blather from me, it's all about the mix, isn't it? Click the fake cut below & the shippy fun shall be yours!

(Cuídame. Recuérdame, Doctor.)

Crossposted in a few places. ::hides::

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